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Drag & Drop Builder

Guides to explain exactly how it works and how to troubleshoot whatever you want to do.

Managed WordPress

Publish staging sites, connect domains, update PHP versions and WooCommerce.

Domains & DNS

Manage domains, manage TXT, MX or DNS records & troubleshooting.

Account Help

Password resets, product renewals, billing & payment settings & account security.

Linux & cPanel Hosting

Too many guides to sum up...learn everything cPanel here.

Email & Productivity Tools

Create & manage accounts, password resets, team-tasks and forwarding/aliases.

SSL Certificates & Security

Generate CSR, install SSLs & manage certificate keys here.

VPN & Servers

Generation 4 VPS and Dedicated Server guides from start to finish.

Legacy & Retired Products

Support for retired products including Generation 3 VPS & workspace tools.


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